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Having problems to send text message online to your loved ones or company employees  Here is a solution, no matter where you are in the world – isn't it amazing, Here is the list of website that allows you to send your SMS text msgs for free from the web . Some sites require you to sign up, some have limitations on how many text messages you can send, or which countries you can send them. You can also find deals to promote your products through some of these services. Here is List of websites to send text message- send text messages online

1. 160by2 – Through 160by2, registered user can send text message for free. It also has a limit of sending only 50 SMS /day. Ranked 7th Most Popular WAP Site In India (source: opera).

2. Jaxtr allows us to send free text message worldwide, It covers 38 international countries including US, UK, Canada, India, Pakistan and several other Asian countries. Message recipients can reply to your text message using their own cell phones or through a web link that’s included in the SMS message & character limit is 65 words.

3. Atrochatro has a limit of only 2 SMS per IP address per day. It allows full length (160 characters) messages to anyone in India and the best of all no prior registration is required.Free SMS to India and SMS Collection is also provided.

4. Gizmo SMS allows its users to send text / sms to mobile phones in more than 65 countries on over 215 mobile networks from any web browser for free. It supports up to 80 characters.

5. IndyaRocks It is an online and mobile based social networking site for connecting Indians across the globe.You can send up to 90 characters per SMS.Another Feature is that you can send unlimited sms.

6. You Mint is a free SMS service allows message to be send in India. The beauty of this is service is that you will get paid for adding more friends to your network and also on receiving promotional message. It supports up to 160 characters.

7. Text 4 free send text messages using text4free from anywhere around the world absolutely free. They allows 140 characters in one SMS.

8. Biz Hat allows us to Send Free text/SMS to Indian mobile phones. It supports 140 characters per SMS.

9. Spice SMS offers free unlimited SMS to mobile phones in India we receive sms replies to our own mobile/cell phone. No need to register and max sms lenghth is 160 characters.

10. Krify SMS For Sending Free and Instant Short Text Messages to the Cell phones in India from anywhere in the world. Message length is 100 characters.

11. Hai91 user can send free SMS to any mobile across India. They allow schedule SMS, save contacts, view sent sms and much more.registration is required to use this service. Message length is 130 characters.

12. Ibibo is a social networking site for showcasing talent, but if you register you can send free sms to anyone in India. You can also send free text messages to groups. Message length is 90 characters.

13. ReminderPlanet is a sms reminder service, once you register and verify your mobile phone number, you can send free text messages to Indian mobile phones. sms can be sent to multiple mobile numbers in a no matter of time. Message length is 80 characters.

14. Ringtones World provide free sms services to India, no registration required and supports up to 95 characters. Provide your number and the phone number that you want to send the free sms.

15. SMS Loop We can Send free text messages to India from any where in the world. Registration is required to use the service , but you can try the free sms service before registering. Message length is 100 characters.

16. Send SMS now is a worldwide Text Messaging service to Mobile. Max character allowed are 120 .Registration is not required but if you register you will get additional features like: phonebook, history of sent messages etc. The list of supported countries and operators is changing constantly.

17. Send a Free SMS is Spam Free Text Messaging service provider apart from various features. It allows sending SMS for USA and Canada. Size limit is 100 characters.

18. Pikamo allows you to send free messages online. Pikamo messages arrive with your Pikamo ID. When your recipients reply to you message Pikamo forwards it to you.

19. Txt Drop is a free web based text messaging that enables users in the United States and Canada to send text messages with instant delivery.

20. Sea SMS We can send free sms worldwide at Sea SMS, registration not required. SeaSMS offers unlimited quota for its users and supports up to 450 characters.

21. Teleword SMS offers a free SMS delivery Worldwide. The offer is currently limited to 3 SMS per account and day and supports 100 characters per SMS.

22. Wadja free SMS It’s a Mobile internet site lets you send free sms worldwide once you register and upload a photo. Advertisements are automatically placed at the bottom of all messages sent. Message length is 92 characters.

23. Smsix Send a Text message to all mobile phones worldwide for free. No registration, Send a free SMS text from your computer to any mobiles. Message length is 135 characters.

24. Free Txt This website allows us to send free SMS worldwide. It supports up to 197 characters.

25. Email 2 SMS we can send free SMS to any cellular phone worldwide without any registration. We can send 140 Latin and 70 national characters in message text.

26. Text by SMS is a fast, free way to send text messages to your friends, co-workers, and family worldwide. 

27. CellOp: provides free SMS services worldwide. It does not require any registration.

28. Free Text Message Send free unlimited text messages to your friends, family in the US, Canada and the rest of the world. No limit for number of characters.

29. Swisscom Mobile can send up to 500 SMSs free of charge every month. It requires registration and Message length is 160 characters.

30. Jungle SMS Jungle SMS allows us to send 50 free SMSs worldwide (up to 178 countries). Registeration required, text messaging service is very fast, but all messages contain an ad for Jungle SMS. Message length is 150 characters.

31. Cell Freak provides unlimited Free SMS messaging to mobile phones internationally with 160 characters in length. It requires registration to send text messages.

32. Mjoy A worldwide free sms service for sending text messages from the website to any mobile phone in the world. You have to register, and you get an inbox to sort your messages and free sms with no limit to the message size.

33. Txt 2 Day Now you can send free text messages to almost any major cell phone provider in the world. Text message can be of 140 characters, it doesn’t require any registration.

34. Yellow Pipe allows us to send free SMS only in North America with 160 characters in length.

35. SMS City we can send free SMS by registering into sms city for free, we can earn sms credits which allow us to send free sms internationally.

Note: Some mobile carriers (especially in the US) may charge the recipient to receive your free SMS.

Computer keyboard shortcut keys

In today's section i'm going to share a image for the Computer shourtcut key, keyboard shortcut keys, excel shortcut key, word shortcut key, computer network shortcut key, ms office shortcut key, outlook shortcut key, basic computer shortcut key- hope  you will enjoy this image by enlarging below image.

Computer keyboard shortcut keys

keyboard shortcut

How to remove (almost) any browser adware or hijacker program from your browser

A web browser adware and hijacker program is any malicious program that modifies your browser search settings and your home (start) page with results of browser redirects to unknown pages or advertisements. The changes are made without user permission, usually when the user downloads and installs a free software into his computer. This happens because browser adware and hijacker programs are bundled inside the installation software that the user tries to install. For that reason the user must pay attention when installing a free software into his computer.
Most times these types of malware programs can by easily removed from your computer by using the steps described bellow while others need special actions for their removal.

How to remove any browser hijacker from your computer.

Step 1: Remove the corresponding malware program from your control panel.

1. To do this, go to Start > Control Panel.
{Windows 8: Right click on the bottom left corner and select Control Panel }
{Windows XP: Start > Settings > Control Panel. }
Start- control panel -
2. Double click to open "Programs and Features" if you have Windows 8, 7 or Vista, or
"Add or Remove Programs" if you have Windows XP
control panel -
3. In the program list, find and remove/Uninstall the application/s corresponding the malware program:
e.g. Online Weather, BrowserProtect, Bundled software uninstaller, Babylon Toolbar

Step 2: Clean your computer using "RogueKiller".

1. Download and save "RogueKiller" utility to your desktop.
Notice*: Download version x86 or X64 according to your operating system's version. To find your operating system's version, "Right Click" on your computer icon, choose "Properties" and look at "System Type" section.
2. Find "RogueKiller" on your desktop and double click to run it. When prescan is completed, press "Scan"button to perform a full scan.
3. When full scan is completed, press "Delete" to remove all malicious items found.
5. Restart your computer.

Step 3: Clean your internet browser from Adwares, Toolbars and Hjackers using "AdwCleaner".

1. Download and save "AdwCleaner" utility to your desktop.
2. Close all open programs and Double Click to open "AdwCleaner" from your desktop.
3. Press "Delete".
4. Press "OK" at "AdwCleaner – Information" window and press "OK" again to restart your computer.
5. When your computer restarts close "AdwCleaner" information (readme) window.
6. Now check if your browser settings are restored to its originalIf yesbypass the next step and proceed to Step 5.

Step 4. Restore your internet browser application settings.

Internet Explorer
How to remove any adware or hijacker program from Internet Explorer & restore browser settings.
1. Open Internet Explorer and then open "Internet Options".
To do this from IE's file menu, choose "Tools" > "Internet Options".
Notice*: In the latest versions of IE press the "Gear" icon image_thumb18 on the top right.
2. Click the "Advanced" tab.
3. Choose "Reset".
IE-reset -
4. Check (to enable) the "Delete personal settings" box and choose "Reset".
IE-reset window -
5. After the resetting action is completed, press "Close" and then choose "OK" to exit Internet Explorer options.
6. Restart your browser.
7. Re-open Internet explorer and from IE's file menu, choose "Tools" > "Manage Add-ons".
8. Choose "Toolbars and Extensions" on the left pane and then check if malicious toolbars & extensions remain in your browser. If they do, then select all malicious entries -one by one-  (e.g. Yontoo  entries) and disable them by pressing the "Disable" button.
9. Next check for remain malicious search providers by clicking on "Search Providers" options at the left pane.
If malicious search providers exist then choose your preferred search provider (e.g. Bing) and  press "Set as default".
10. Then choose the malicious search provider (e.g. "yontoo Customized Web Search") and click "Remove".
9. Close all Internet explorer windows and proceed to Step 5.
Google Chrome
How to remove any adware or hijacker program from Google Chrome & restore browser settings.
1. Open Google Chrome and go to chrome menu image and choose "Settings".
2. Find the "On startup" section and choose "Set Pages".
3. Delete the malicious homepage (e.g. "Claro search") from startup pages by pressing the "X" symbol on the right.
4. Set your preferred startup page (e.g. and press "OK".
5. Find the "Show Home button" option and choose "Change".
6. Delete the  malicious search page entry (e.g. "Claro-search") from "Open this page" box and choose "OK".image_thumb31_thumb

7. Go to "Search" section and choose "Manage search engines".
8. Choose your preferred default search engine (e.g. Google search) and press "Make default".
9. Choose the malicious search engine (e.g. "Claro Search") and remove it by pressing the "X" symbol at the right.
Then choose "Done" to close "Search engines" window.
10. Choose "Extensions" from the left pane.
11. Remove the malicious extension ( by pressing the "recycle bin" icon in that line. When the confirmation dialog appears, click Remove.
12. Restart Google Chrome and proceed to Step 5.
Mozilla Firefox
How to remove any adware or hijacker program from Mozilla Firefox & restore browser settings.
1. First you must have enabled the Firefox's main "Menu Bar".
* Right Click, on the empty space at right of "Page Tab" and enable Firefox "Menu Bar".
2. From Firefox menu, go to "Help" > "Troubleshooting Information".
3. In "Troubleshooting Information" window, press "Reset Firefox" button to reset Firefox to its default state.
firefox - reset -
4. Press "Reset Firefox: again.
5. After the resetting job is completed, the Firefox restarts.
6. From Firefox menu, go to "Tools" > "Add-ons".
7. Choose "Extensions" on the left and then make sure that malicious extensions doesn't exist.*
* If malicious extension/s exist then select the corresponding malicious reference (e.g. "Yontoo 1.20.02") and choose "Remove".
8. Then choose "Plugins" options on the left and check for the presence of malicious plugins.
9. If malicious plugins exist then choose it (e.g."MindSpark Toolbar Platform Plugin…") and press the "Disable" button on that line.
9. Close all Firefox windows and proceed to the next Step.

Step 5. Clean your computer from remaining malicious threats.

Download and install MalwareBytes Antimalware to clean all the malicious threats remaining on your computer.*
*If you don't know how to install and use "MalwareBytes Anti-Malware", read these instructions.
Advice: To ensure your computer is clean and safe, perform a Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware full scan in windows "Safe mode".*
*To get into Windows Safe mode, press the "F8" key as your computer is booting up, before the appearance of the Windows logo. When the "Windows Advanced Options Menu" appears on your screen, use your keyboard arrows keys to move to the Safe Mode option and then press "ENTER".

Step 6. Clean unwanted files and entries.

Use "CCleaner" program and proceed to clean your system from temporary internet files and invalid registry entries.*
*If you don't how to install and use "CCleaner", read these instructions.

Step 7. Restart your computer for changes to take effect and perform a full scan with your antivirus program.

How to enable or disable the Administrator account in Windows 8 or Windows 7

Step 1: Run "command prompt" with Administrative privileges.

How to run command prompt with administrative rights in Windows 7 & Windows 8:
Windows 7
To run Command Prompt in administrative mode in Windows 7 operating system go to:
1. Start > All Programs
2. Click to expand Accessories.
2. Right click on Command Prompt and choose "Run as administrator"
4. Proceed to Step 2.

Windows 8
To run Command Prompt in administrative mode in Windows 8 operating system:
1. Right-click at the screen's bottom-left corner and from the pop-up menu, choose "Command Prompt (Admin)".
2. Choose "Yes" at User Account Control" warning message:

Step 2: Enable the Administrator Account.

How to enable the administrator account from command prompt in Windows 8 or 7:
Inside the command prompt window, type the following command:
net user administrator /active:yes   and press "Enter".
After that you should view a message that says that your command was completed successfully.
Close the Command prompt window and from now on, the "Administrator" account is Enabled on your computer,*
Advice*: For you security, don't forget to specify a password* for Administrator account after you have enable it.
(To specify a user password in Windows 7 or 8 go to: Control Panel > User Accounts options)

How to Disable Administrator account in Windows 8 & Windows 7:

If you don't want to log in with the Administrator account in the future, you can disable it by following the same steps, but at the command prompt window you must give the following command instead:
net user administrator /active:no


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